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How to Become a Webmaster in 14 Days

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How to Become a Webmaster in 14 Days. Websites are an important part of e-commerce. They can be used to sell products, attract advertising dollars and express points of view. Being a webmaster takes some time and attention to the website you are designing. With dedication, it is possible to become a webmaster in as brief a time as 2 weeks.

Learn about basic HTML. If you know how to create a few basic codes, you will be able to customize your website to suit your needs. You don't have to become a programmer, but you do need to know how basic HTML works so that you can correct any problems.

Find a host for your website. Being a webmaster means controlling an independent website. That requires hosting. Look for a hosting plan that delivers exactly the options you need rather than simply looking at the price of the plan. Most hosting companies give price breaks for long-term hosting.

Set up the website. The website will need content, graphics and anything interactive that you want to add. You can outsource that work to a Web writer or a graphic designer, or you can do the work yourself. Set up a timetable so that your completed site is finished as fast as it should be. If you want to create a 10-page site, allow perhaps half a day to develop each of those pages.

Test the site to make sure all of its functions work. You might spend a day or two trying to access the site from different locations and from different browsers. Also contact friends and family to tell you if they have any problems using the site. Make any corrections that need to be made.

Publish the website. Once the website becomes live, it will be available all over the world.

Handle problems that users encounter. Moderate comments and answer questions to keep the website going. Make sure to handle problems fast enough to keep users coming back.


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