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How to Become a Financial Analyst

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A financial analyst position is highly coveted and competitive. It can be a difficult field to break into, but if you are able to obtain a financial analyst position, it can be a challenging and rewarding career. Get tips below on how to become a financial analyst.

Get the proper training and background that firms require for analyst positions. Coursework should include classes in accounting, economics and math. Develop the analytical skills needed to be successful as a financial analyst.

Learn computer skills. You should have a through understanding of spreadsheet and database programs, as well as word-processing programs. Financial analysts have to make presentations, so a good understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint is also required.

Develop strong verbal and written communication skills. Financial analysts often have to explain complex financial analysis to people in management positions in terms they can understand.

Consider getting a master's degree in business administration. An advanced degree in business is desirable to some firms for analyst positions.

Research the types of financial analyst positions and industries you are interested in, such as investment firms and banks as well as manufacturing industries. Each industry requires a different type of financial analysis.


Get an internship to gain work experience and find out of the position and industry are a good fit for you before you apply for a full-time financial analyst position. An internship also will allow you to network and meet people in the industry.


A financial analyst job can be demanding, with long hours and deadlines.