How to Write a Scholarship Cover Letter

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How to Write a Scholarship Cover Letter. The competition for scholarships gets tougher each year with more people going to college. If a student wishes to gain a scholarship, the cover letter is the first thing a scholarship committee will see. There are some basic keys that people often overlook when writing the scholarship letter.

Determine what the scholarship committee requires from an applicant and include it in the cover letter. For instance, if the committee values community service, then include all volunteer efforts on your part. Remember to not merely list the accomplishments but include something personal about each item.

Find out the specific person to whom you can address the scholarship cover letter. If possible stay away from the generic salutations like "Dear Sir or Madam" or "To whom it may concern." Search the scholarship documents, web site or call the committee to ascertain to whom you can address the cover letter to make it more personal.

Write the body of the cover letter with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity the scholarship will give you. Then make a case of how this scholarship will enable you to help your fellow man and the community as a whole.

Include at least one line in the cover letter complimenting the scholarship organization and the work that they do. If you can, connect your goals to the ideals and purpose of the scholarship committee or organization.

Close the scholarship cover letter with a forward looking and enthusiastic statement that thanks the committee, organization or person for their time and effort in reviewing your scholarship application.

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