How to Get People Hyped Up

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When you are working with people as a team, whether in the workplace or in sports, it is important to know how to effectively get people hyped up, motivated, excited and ready to go. In teamwork, the last thing that anyone wants is an unmotivated, bored and unenthusiastic group of individuals. To get the best and most efficient results possible out of your team, encourage them in a positive manner.

Make the process fun by decorating your working or practice environment in a bright, inspiring and motivating way. Plaster encouraging posters on the wall with phrases such as "Go Team!" Play upbeat and happy music, if appropriate. The better the work environment, the more motivated the team members will be to produce results.

Know the strengths of your teammates by being aware of their individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Provide everyone -- to the best of your ability -- with a role that accentuates what each is good at. To motivate and hype people up, it is important to give them a sense of purpose and a goal.

Keep everyone involved by allowing everyone to feel like he is part of something significant rather than just a cog in the wheel. Indicate to them that important decisions and information have an effect on everybody involved. To maintain a positive team atmosphere, always keep your teammates involved and in the loop when it comes to new developments in your goal or project. Effective communication is key in hyping people up.

Establish an honest atmosphere and set a positive example for your teammates. Do not be a hypocrite. Make sure that your actions align with your words. If you encourage hard work, go the extra mile to set an example for your team. Show up for the job early and be the last one to leave at night, if necessary. If you are not hyped up about something yourself, then you cannot expect anyone else to be.

Support your team and make each person feel like she is equally important to the task at hand. Encourage everyone to freely contribute ideas, input and opinions. Keep a positive demeanor in order to maintain the flow of ideas at all times. In the event that you do not wish to use someone's idea or suggestion, exercise fairness and objectively indicate your reasoning.


If you find that someone doesn't appear to be motivated about a task, analyze the possible reasons for the lack of excitement before you say anything. Think about what you can do personally to change someone's attitude before asking someone to change for you.

To promote hard work, encourage some healthy and non-hostile competition within your team. Competition can help keep your team on its toes and hyped up.

Think about what exactly motivates you and gets you enthusiastic about a goal. Understanding what gets you going may be effective in helping you understand and pinpoint the things that get others going, as well.