How to Become a License Babysitter

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Becoming a licensed babysitter is not too hard if you have the time,patience and space. You also have to think of how many children you plan to babysit, whether you want to work all day and evenings too, and whether you'll work weekends or not. Here are a few steps on how to get started on a babysitting license.

First decide where you will babysit. Make sure that the location you pick (example basement) be safe for children. Safety locks have to be placed in every open closet that you have. Compliance with fire, building and health departments will be required.

Go to your city website and click on child care licensing. It should bring up information on how to obtain a child care license and where to go. It should also give you information of what you will need in order to apply.

Your home will be inspected by a family worker to ensure that home is fit for children. If you will be caring for more than three children you will need someone else who is approved by the state to help you run your daycare. Please check with your state, the number of children may be different.

They will also require that everyone who will be caring for the children be CPR certified and your license (once obtained)must be displayed in a location where parents can easily view it. They may allow you to care for children while your application is pending.

A family worker will also come to your home (maybe quarterly or semi-quarterly depending on your state's laws) to evaluate how you care for the children and how the children look, whether they are cleaned and well fed. They will also check whether all their health records are up to date and may not allow you to have them in your home until these are met. Depending on your state, they may also give a meal voucher on which you will be required to buy food to give to the children during the week.

Another thing that you should consider is whether you want to accept government help from parents. It may more beneficial to allow this in your business, because you will know that you will get paid for your services, and it would be more easier to find children for your business.


A degree in child care or work with children is not required,but may be helpful in having your licensed approved.

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