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How to Get Paid to Travel

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Don't wait until retirement to see the world. Apply for jobs that will pay you to travel. Look for positions that require skills you already possess, or sign up for training if you find a job description that catches your interest.

Offer your services as a tour guide. Study the history and culture of the areas you want to travel so you can offer insider-type information. Become a certified guide to earn more money.

Apply for employment on a cruise ship, which requires waiters, bartenders, maids, entertainers, chefs, crew members and activity planners.

Teach English as a foreign language -- you may not even need to know a second language. However, you'll probably fare better -- and do a better job -- if you're willing to learn the native language.

Write about your travels and sell your articles to magazines and newspapers. Write a travel guide or brochures for vacation spots.

Become a diving instructor. Teach visitors how to dive, then take your clients on ocean, lake or river tours.


Don't accept a job you hate just to travel. Find a position you enjoy so you can better appreciate your travel experiences.



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