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How to Incorporate Travel Into Your Resume

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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, domestically or abroad, travel experience can teach workers to think on their feet, adapt to unexpected situations and communicate with persons who may not share their language or cultural norms. Likewise, travel can teach workers foreign-language skills, budget management, problem-solving and negotiation skills. When incorporating travel into your resume, translate descriptions of your trips into skills that add to your professional qualifications and the specific requirements of your target job.

List your work-related travel experience with your job descriptions. If you traveled on the job, incorporate travel into your resume by explaining the purpose of your trips, the type of work you performed on the road and what you learned from the experience.

Create a separate travel section. If you have extensive travel experience and are applying for a job that requires international relations or cross-cultural experience, list your travel experience on its own section on your resume.

Describe your study-abroad programs. If you travelled as part of a college or graduate degree program, list the details of the program on the education section of your resume. Include information on the length of your stay, the countries you visited and the skills you developed there.

Use travel to account for gaps in your employment history. If you travelled for lengthy periods of time and were not formally employed during these periods, include the details of your trips in your chronological job listing on your resume.


If your travel experience does not fit into your resume naturally, consider discussing it in your cover letter instead.

  • If your travel experience does not fit into your resume naturally, consider discussing it in your cover letter instead.

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