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How to Write a Travel Report

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A travel report is also referred to as a trip report and is used to describe the background, observations, and conclusions related to a trip or excursion you have taken. Many times employers will request that traveling employees write up travel reports to relate the knowledge and experience they have gained as a result of their travels. Using the correct format, style, and tone is necessary to create a travel report that is useful and appropriate.

Create the heading of your document. Travel reports can be written in a variety of formats, such as memo or letter format, but most formats use a common heading. The first line of the heading should contain the date, while the name and title of the addressee should be written on the second line, your name and title on the third line, and the subject of the report on the fourth line.

Write the "Introduction" section of your travel report. The introduction of a typical travel report relates the background of the trip and contains background about the people and places that you have visited. This section of the report should be approximately a quarter of the entire length of the report.

Compose the "Discussion" section of your travel report. This is the main section of your report and the bulk of the length should be here. This section should relate your observations and analysis of the situations and events you encountered during your travels. Common subheadings for this section include "Trends," "Main Issues," and "Ethical Dilemmas."

Write the "Conclusion" section of your travel report. The conclusion should not only wrap up your report, but should also explain to the reader what you learned or gained from your travels. Be sure to explain how you have achieved the purpose that you described in the introduction. The last part of the conclusion should include any recommendations you have as a result of your trip.

Finish your trip report. If your report is in memo format, write your initials next to your name in the heading section. If your report is in letter format, use a closing statement such as "Sincerely" or "Best regards" and sign your name. Many employers also require traveling employees to include a list of travel expenses incurred during your trip. Do not forget to include a reference list or works cited page that notes any sources you have used in writing your report.


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