How to Write Brochures for a Restaurant

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How to Write Brochures for a Restaurant. Writing brochures for a restaurant can be fun because you get to try out some fabulous dishes and dine out while gathering your information. Some restaurants might require that you have some marketing experience, but if you are a good writer by nature, then you should be fine. If you are new to brochure writing, here are some tips on how to write a well thought out brochure for a restaurant.

Start by gathering information and doing research. If a restaurant asks you to write for them, most likely you will have free meals and dining experiences.

Try as many meals as you can on the menu on each visit and make sure you get a feel for the ingredients they use. Sample as much cuisine as you can and write down your thoughts as you go.

Ask for an interview with the head chef. Ask the chef what he is trying to express through his food and what the influence is that he has placed upon his dishes. Whether it is International, Caribbean, American or Eastern Europe, this information is important for your brochure.

Sample some of the most recommended cocktails and write down your thoughts on them. Ask the patrons what they think of their meals and dishes and collect positive comments for the brochure. Take photos of dishes and drinks if the restaurant does not have any.

Design your layout for the brochure starting with the overview and ambiance of the restaurant. Mention what type of food they offer and what dishes the restaurant is famous for. Place positive comments about the food and restaurant on the front of the brochure with a main photo of the establishment. Show photos of food and drinks and then contact information should be places at the end.

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