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How to Write Brochures for a Hotel

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How to Write Brochures for a Hotel. Writing brochures for a hotel can be a fun and productive experience. The hotel might ask you to stay in their establishment for a few days to really get the feel about the hotel and features. If you are a published writer, then words will come easily to the tips of your fingers. If you are new at this type of project, then follow these steps to write hotel brochures.

Start by visiting the hotel everyday if they have not asked you to stay within the hotel. Visit each area, look at all the amenities, features, guest rooms, and conference facilities. Take a notepad with you and write down everything you see, feel and hear.

Take your camera with you on your visits as sometimes the hotel might need photos for their brochures. They might have already hired a professional photographer, but if you have a good eye for photos, it might be a good back up.

Ask people in the hotel what they feel about the service, features, guest rooms and more. Ask the guests and the staff who are in the front of the house or room service. They will give you honest answers majority of the time and this conversation will be good feedback for the hotel.

Keep some of the most positive comments from the guests and staff and choose the four best to put in a section of the brochure. Begin formatting the layout for the hotel brochure.

Make a draft of the layout starting with the introduction and overview of the hotel. Then move on to naming the features, services and amenities of the hotel and what the staff is like. You can even ask the General Manager to make a mini mission statement for the brochure to add power to it.

Mention room rates and special discounts in the latter part of the brochure. End the brochure with comments and contact information for the hotel, as well as the direct reservation number. Find a design company to help you put the layout and photos together if the hotel has asked you to complete the whole project.

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