How to Write a Memo

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How to Write a Memo. A memo is a common form of communication in the workplace. It provides an easy way to convey information or ideas to your coworkers or employees in a quick and informative way. Some easy tips can make your memo-writing skills effective and easy to implement.

Organize your thoughts before writing the memo. Memos are meant to be direct and to the point, so make sure that you have all the important information you need organized in an efficient manner.

Understand the format of a basic memo. The heading of the memo always includes the date, the name of the sender, the names of the recipients and the subject heading. Make the subject heading as specific as possible.

Simplify your information. A memo must be able to be read quickly and easily understood. Replace large words or uncommon vocabulary with synonyms that will be understood and more to the point. Use bullets and numbered lists where appropriate.

Eliminate any statements that are not directly related to the purpose of the memo. A memo is not the right place to expound upon one's personal opinions or thoughts. These will only serve to add unnecessary length to your memo and could distract your audience from the main focus.

Remember your audience. Consider who will be reading your memo and be sure to write your memo in a style and language that will be appealing and easily understood.

Include everyone. Be sure prior to sending out your memo that you have included everyone that will need access to the information it contains in the list of people who will receive it. Failure to include all necessary people could result in a breakdown in communication or confusion, not to mention your information not reaching all the sources you intended.

Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before sending out your memo. Any grammatical mistakes will be distracting to those receiving the memo and will also make it appear less professional.

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