How to Legally Sell Real Estate Without a License

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The sale and/or the exchange of Real Estate is in its self an exciting venture; add the making of money to that equation and you are set for an great experience. This article will attempt to show you a simplified and painless way to dabble in Real Estate without having to go through all the red tape involved in Real Estate School, the licensing expense and procedure etc.

Here We Go

Hit the Streets ! Hit the Internet ! Hit the Newspapers ! Find Owners who are themselves trying to sell their home. Tell them what you can do for them. NOTE: You must have your clients sign a contract asking you to assist them with the private sale of their home ......T hat is the loop hole that keeps you from having to be a licensed Real Estate Agent

Sign up your new client. When signing a client you need to get your Marketing deposit on the front.

Place an ad in the newspaper. Houses for sale- (000) 000-0000


Deposit for Marketing expenses between $ 200.00 to $ 500.00 This comes off of your commission when the home is sold. Only charge flat fees to sell any home, always try to save the client thousands of $ and you will be very busy and successful.


You should check the laws in your state as they apply to the sale of Real estate.