How to Run for Union Office

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How to Run for Union Office. Unions are in place to protect workers rights. They give workers a sense of solidarity. Union leadership is chosen in a democratic system that gives workers a say in who will hold the important offices. Running for a union office is similar to running for any elected position. It's all about campaigning and getting to know the members.

Be an active participant in the union and pay your dues. You want the other members to get to know you and regard you as an interested party.

Attend general membership meetings. Learn about issues affecting local members and educate yourself on regional issues.

Read the bylaws and every clause of every contract. You need to know everything that's in there if you're going to be a strong representative for union members.

Decide what position you'd like to hold. If you're good with money, go for the treasurer's spot. Consider who currently holds the position and determine if this person is vulnerable to a challenge.

Submit your name for office when election time nears. The executive board will advertise the upcoming election. Pay attention to deadlines.

Start campaigning by composing a flier that details your strengths. It should have your picture picture, along with personal information and career accomplishments. Create a website for your campaign. Publicize the address so union members can check it out.

Meet and greet other union members. Introduce yourself as a candidate and tell them how you'd protect their best interests if elected. Campaign right up until election day.


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