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How to Have a Political Campaign Meet & Greet

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Political campaign meet & greets are often the first chance that voters and constituents have to meet a candidate. They offer the opportunity to make a first impression on voters, making them an essential part of any campaign. Successful campaign meet & greets are organized, personal and motivational. While meet & greets are not compulsory for political campaigns, they are a valuable tool for candidates. Meet & greets lay the foundation for any candidate's campaign, helping to establish trust, admiration and confidence among voters.

Select a location. Ideal locations include local businesses such as grocery stores or public places such as parks and community centers. Make sure that the location you select can accommodate the amount of people you expect to attend.

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Spread the word by advertising. You can use local newspapers, television ads and telephone advertising. Also, inform other community organizations such as churches, universities and interest groups to recruit new volunteers and supporters.

Use volunteers. Volunteers form the backbone of any successful political campaign. Volunteers help perform the legwork of political campaign such as processing donations, setting up displays, handing out signs and may other important tasks.

Supply refreshments. The food and drink does not have to be elaborate, but you should at least supply water. Soft drinks and snacks are good icebreakers, because they give people something to do as they talk among themselves and wait to meet the candidate. Such refreshments also give the impression that you care.

Create an agenda of issues to discuss. Your stance on the issues as well as the importance placed on certain issues play a key role in determining whether or not voters will vote for you. Try to stick to your agenda, but remain flexible enough to be able to talk about other issues not on your agenda also.

Dedicate a table or booth to obtaining contact information from supporters, so you can mail them fliers or send them emails about future campaign events. This will go a long way to spreading your name as well as keeping your name fresh in the minds of voters and constituents. You can even reward them with campaign memorabilia such as T-shirts, hats and signs.


Greet constituents with a smile and a firm handshake.

Make yourself available to answer questions from every constituent that attends the meet & greet.


Never lie to your constituents.