How to Become a Certified Nurse's Aid

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How to Become a Certified Nurse's Aid. This particular position can be very rewarding and easily earned. A Certified Nurse's Aid or CNA, has most of the contact with a patient. They often bath, dress, feed, take the blood pressure, and change the bed linens of their patients. Establishing good relationships with your patients and co-workers is key to being successful as a CNA.

Graduate high school and receive your diploma. You will not be admitted to a CNA program without a high school diploma.

Find an accredited school in your area that offers a CNA certification. Many junior and community colleges offer such programs. Look around until you find a program that suits your schedule and price range, then begin your studies.

Take the required class hours. Only 75 hours of classroom and practical training are required. However, you must pass a state administered evaluation as well. Once you have completed these requirements, you are classified as a Certified Nurse's Aid.

Apply for a CNA job at local hospitals and nursing homes. Most hospitals are in need of CNA's because of the growing numbers of doctors and nurses. Do not get discouraged if you aren't hired immediately. A position will open for you.

Understand that this is an entry level position. To move up in the medical field or to receive better pay, you will have to go back to school and earn another degree in the particular field you are interested in.

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