How to Get a Job Telemarketing From Home

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How to Get a Job Telemarketing From Home. Telemarketing from home has the advantages of eliminating a daily commute and setting your own hours. Quite a few companies offer this type of work. However, you should consider telemarketing from home only for supplemental income because you probably won't be able to earn a living with it at first. The following steps will show how to get a job telemarketing from home.

Apply at a telemarketing company's website such as Liveops. The application process varies by company but the first step is usually to fill out a standard form providing general information about yourself. You will be asked about your previous experience, but telemarketing companies don't seem to require it.

Authorize a background check. This is almost always required and some companies charge a fee for it. A credit check also may be required on rare occasions.

Perform a voice test. Telemarketing companies will want to know what you sound like over the telephone. Practice your script and get someone to give you blunt criticism. You also may need to eliminate any accent or dialect that you have.

Get qualified on multiple projects within each company. Telemarketing companies usually handle more than one project available and multiple certifications will increase your earning potential. You also may need to work several different projects to find one you enjoy.

Explore opportunities with many different companies. Telemarketing work has a high turnover rate and you don't want to depend on any single company or project for your income.

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