How to Become a Courthouse Researcher

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Do you like researching and obtaining information anywhere from the Internet to the library? If so, a court researcher job may be perfect for you. Here are some guidelines that shows you hwo to become one.

Type keywords online, 'court researcher' 'work from home'. A few results will show up with links to become a researcher.

Apply to websites such as Sunlark Research or Probate Research, Info Cubic, Jelly Bean Services, Background Profiles, Castle Branch or Personnel Profiles.

For some companies, there is no experience when applying as a court researcher as long as you have the time and transportation to go to courthouses to request documents.

Sunlark Research asks that you take a typing test. If you need to brush up a bit on your typing skills, doesn't worry the website already have a couple of free typing websites you can go to practice.

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