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How to Become a Title Clerk

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Becoming a title clerk is a great way to earn a good living, even if you don't have a four-year degree. A title clerk reviews and verifies the paperwork that documents property transfers from one party to another. While title clerks do require a great deal of attention to detail, they do not require higher education and can often get started with just a little training.

Stay in high school. To become a title clerk, you must first receive your high school diploma. Adding business classes to your high school curriculum can give you a boost above the competition but are not required.

Get your foot in the door. Find an entry-level title clerk job, which often requires no experience and offers on-the-job training. Companies to look into include title companies, mortgage firms, real estate agencies or even government divisions.

Consider an associate degree. While you can often get started as a title clerk if you don't have a degree, obtaining an associate degree in Business Administration or related field can drastically improve the odds that you will be promoted and increase your salary. Look into your local community colleges for course work in business law and ethics, administrative procedures and effective business communication.

Think about voluntary certification. As with the associate degree, certification as a title clerk isn't typically required to find work, but it can help you move toward advancement opportunities. Learn more about obtaining certification at