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What Are the Duties of a Land Surveyor?

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Land surveyors determine and verify boundaries of property, create maps and plan the development of land. They work for government agencies, construction companies, architectural and engineering firms and utility services. There also are many surveying companies which provide contract services to these organizations.

Documentation Research

Duties of land surveyors include researching legal boundaries of property in public records and other documents, such as deeds, legal records and maps.

Land Measurement

Surveyors travel to work sites and then, using specialized equipment, they measure and record any land features such as contour, location and elevation.

Boundary Disputes

Land surveyors investigate any easements or encroachments on property boundaries and report these to the parties involved.

Determining Boundaries

Another duty of land surveyors is determining property boundaries when definitive legal documentation is not available. They use precise mapping tools, knowledge of laws, rules of evidence and local standards of practice.

Legal Documentation

Land surveyors must prepare data and reports to be submitted in court, in cases of legal disputes regarding boundary locations.