How to Become a Typist

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How to Become a Typist. Typing can be interesting and challenging work. You can be a typist if you know how to type quickly and accurately. Typing is not hard to learn--you can teach yourself. You only need to know the keyboard and how to place your fingers and you can start typing. Getting a job as a typist is relatively easy if you can build up your speed.

Get a typing book. You can also learn from online tutors.

Learn the keyboard. You need to learn where the keys are on the keyboard and which fingers you need to use for the different keys. The keyboard is the main thing to learn because once you know where the keys are, you could develop the slow habit of typing with just two fingers, but it's speed and accuracy that count.

Take an online test regularly to find out your speed and accuracy. There is a site in the resource section to test your speed and accuracy.

Practice to become faster and more accurate. This will put you in a better position to find a job that involves lots of typing. Most companies want someone who can type at least 50 words a minute with no errors.

Find a typing course either online or at your local high school or college.


There are at home jobs if you want to type in the privacy of your home rather than at an office job.


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