How to Become a Quality Control Inspector

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How to Become a Quality Control Inspector. Quality control inspectors are found in nearly every industry. They ensure that products are safe and meet manufacturer and government standards. Quality control inspector duties include passing or failing products and making recommendations for better products.

Fulfill the educational requirements. You must have a high school diploma or GED. In more specialized industries, you may need tech school or a college degree. Find out what the requirements for your industry.

Work in your chosen field first. Employers prefer to promote assembly workers who already have knowledge of the work. Expect to work the line for 6 months to a year before becoming a quality control inspector.

Pay attention to detail. Inform your supervisor of any ideas you have to improve the quality of your company's products while you work on the assembly line.

Improve your math and logic skills by taking night courses. Quality control inspectors need these skills to function optimally.

Apply for the position of quality control inspector when you have met the initial requirements. Ask your supervisor to notify you when there is an opening if they aren't posted.

Earn certification. Pass the certification test at the American Society for Quality (see Resources below). You company may not require this, but it increases your chances of winning a position, and it will look good on your resume if you pursue a job elsewhere.

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