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CWB Welding Supervisor Certification

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Canadian Welding Bureau certifications are used throughout Canada and in some U.S. jurisdictions to provide assurance regarding the skill and competency of a company’s welding operations. Among the requirements for acquiring a CWB certificate, a company must employ certified welding supervisors in sufficient numbers to oversee welding operations. The CWB offers classroom, self-study and online courses for welding supervisors to become certified.

CWB Company Certification Basics

CWB certification is based on the regulations for structural welding used in building construction. The regulations are found in Canadian national and provincial building codes, as well as Standard S16 -- Design of Steel Structures -- of the Canadian Standards Association. All Canadian, U.S. or other international companies providing structural welding products or services in Canada must comply with these regulations. A company that qualifies for CWB certification is in compliance.

Welding Supervisor Qualifications and Duties

A CWB certified company must use welding supervisors to oversee company welding operations. A welding supervisor has advanced knowledge of welding equipment, construction materials and fabrication techniques. The primary duty of a welding supervisor is to ensure that the welds and cuts made to building materials follow work orders and blueprints. The welding supervisor also ensures that the welds and cuts are performed in compliance with applicable building regulations.

Welding Supervisor Certification

The CWB certifies welding supervisors under the regulations of the Canadian Standards Association applicable to welding operations. Separate certifications are offered for steel and aluminum welding, or a supervisor can test to be certified in both materials. The courses required for welding supervisor certification are offered by the CWB Institute. These courses and the testing for a welding supervisor certification are offered on a regular basis by CWBi.

Examination Procedures

After completing the required courses, a candidate for certification as a welding supervisor must pass an examination with written and verbal components. The written portion of the examination includes both open book and closed book testing on such subjects as recognition of welding symbols and welding faults. The verbal portion of the examination covers knowledge of welding equipment, drawings and welding procedures.


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