How to Make a Pros and Cons List

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How to Make a Pros and Cons List. Making big decisions should not be left to chance or intuition. Decisions should be thoroughly thought out and evaluated to ensure the best action is taken. Make a pros and cons list to evaluate your options and make the best decision possible.

Use two separate sheets of paper, or sheets in a database. Use one sheet for the pros and one for the cons. By having one sheet for each it will help you keep the reasons separated physically and mentally as you proceed.

Enlist the help of all persons involved in the decision. If it is a personal decision, keep the process to yourself. For bigger decisions involving your family or co-workers, make it a team project.

Write down all positive and negative aspects of the decision on the correct page. Make a pros and cons list by including all aspects big and small in each category. It is also important to be unbiased when making the list. The list should be made with aspects that are not forcing you to lean one way or another from the start.

Weigh each factor in each category. Use a number or star system to indicate the importance of each factor listed when using a pros and cons list. This will assist you in maintaining a clear picture of the weight of each side of the argument.

Make your decision based on the hard facts. Compare each list and make sure you take into consideration not only the number of items in each category, but the level of importance you have assigned to each item.

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