How to Sleep With the Boss

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How to Sleep With the Boss. If you find yourself daydreaming behind your desk while thinking about your sexy boss, maybe it's time to find out how to get him into bed. This maneuver will either secure your job, or get you fired in a flash, but you will have fun trying.

Get your boss' attention, but be subtle. You don't want to get nailed for sexual harassment before you even reach your goal. Flirt a little and see if your boss returns the gesture. If she reacts to your subtle come-ons, then you may be on your way to success.

Continue flirting for a few weeks at least, and see if she ups the ante. It will make your job a lot easier if he makes the first move, so try to get her to come on to you first. Most people who have made it to a management position will think long and hard before risking the loss of their job over a romp in the hay, but if you are persistent, you are sure to break her down.

Befriend your boss' buddies and make them part of your master plan. While telling your boss directly that you want to have sex with her can be a quick way to get the boot, there is no harm in mentioning to her friends that you would love to "get to know her better." Don't be sleazy, be respectful and sly. Ask questions about her, like if she has a boyfriend or husband, what she does with her free time; they will get the point and quickly pass the office gossip on to your boss.

Make a bold move, if your flirting and hints from her friends haven't tempted him to speak first. Enter your boss' office towards the end of a workday and tell her that you have some concerns about your job, a co-worker or a project. Tell her that you would feel more comfortable discussing the issue outside of the workplace, but you can compensate her time by taking him out to dinner.

Consider her response to your dinner invitation as the culmination of your long hard work. If she says that she cannot see employees outside of work, then your attempts should end there. On the other hand, if she accepts, prepare yourself for the possibility of reaching your goal.


Have a backup plan, and bring a work concern to dinner with you, just in case he is a bit naive and hasn't caught the drift of your sexy game. When you go to dinner, buy a bottle of wine or a few cocktails to loosen her up.


Proceed with caution; sleeping with the boss is not for everyone, so prepare your resume, because you may be looking for a new job soon.