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What Are the Classic Signs of an Abusive Boss?

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Many people use their jobs to define themselves. This makes sense, considering those with full-time jobs spend 40 hours or more per week in the workplace. It is because of these reasons that an abusive boss can do more than make for a miserable day at work--he can adversely affect your home life as well.


It is natural for a boss to demand your best. However, when you are giving your best and that still is not enough for the boss, it could be a sign that your boss has an abusive personality.


Everybody makes mistakes. Good bosses will work with you to help you avoid making the same mistake twice. On the other hand, abusive bosses will bring up your mistakes in front of others to mock and embarrass you.


Some abusive bosses will avoid contact with you for one reason or another. The most abusive bosses will also tell your fellow employees that they should avoid socializing with you.

You Feel Stress

It is natural to sometimes feel stressed about work while you are at work. This is especially true in jobs that include daily deadlines. However, the stress you feel at work should not follow you home. If you are feeling stressed about how your boss is treating you even after work and on weekends, you may have an abusive boss.

Your Self-Esteem Drops

If you begin to feel like you deserve to be berated in front of others, or that it is normal for the boss to be overly demanding, you may find that your self-esteem will decrease. If you find that you feel less happy with yourself than you did before you started your job, or before you ended up with a particular boss, there is a good chance that the abuse from the boss is making you question your self-worth.


In addition to demeaning you and being overly demanding, your boss also may yell at you for minor things that go on at the office. Although some of the things he is upset about may be your fault, there are other instances when he might yell at you for a reason that is not your fault. If you yell back, you are told you are not being a good employee.

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