How to Share a Work Desk

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How to Share a Work Desk. Corporate settings and call centers often have hundreds of employees working different shifts and sharing the same desk. You may find yourself sharing what you thought was your own work space with another person on a different shift. This can be difficult, so here are some rules to abide by to keep peace with your co-worker when you share your work desk.

Set rules with the co-worker. Decide where to keep shared information such as work manuals, and then stick to the rules.

Choose which drawers you can use and which drawers your co-worker can use. This can save conflict from occurring, if you do leave personal items from day to day.

Adjust the chair to a height that works for both of you. Prepare to change the chair settings before starting your shift each day. If you use a chair pad and your co-worker has his own or doesn't use one, put the pad in your drawer or take it with you when you end your shift.

Remove personal belongings at your work desk when you're not there. After all, you share this desk. You may come back tomorrow to find them moved or gone.

Respect your co-worker's personal belongings that you find at your work desk. If you must move them, put them back where they were at the end of your shift. If this isn't possible, write a note to the co-worker advising where her belongings are. Leave the note in plain sight on the desk.

Remember to leave the desk you share ready for the next person's use.

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