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The Advantages of Vertical Filing

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Files and folders contain important sources of organizational information. Filing information is a way of organizing it to enable easy and prompt retrieval whenever needed. An effective filing system is basic to organizing files and folders in an efficient manner. The vertical filing system has many inherent advantages, including less space consumption, easier organization and accommodation for variant filing systems. A vertical filing system may just be the one your office needs.

Space Saving

One of the primary reasons offices go for a vertical filing system is to save space. Vertical filing cabinets are far smaller in width than lateral filing cabinets, which saves valuable space. Offices that feature extensive wall space make use of a vertical filing system in particular to allow for optimal utilization of that wall space. Vertical filing cabinets are longitudinal structures featuring drawers with depths that are able to accommodate files in a standing position; the depth of the drawers can range from 15 to 28 inches depending on the manufacturer .

Easier Organization

Users arrange folders in a vertical position in this type of filing system. Folders for this type of filing feature a shorter front side and a taller backside, which contains the folder identification. The taller backside allows for users to easily identify folders as they browse. Separate folders are maintained for different information entities, and are sorted in alphabetical or numerical order or on the basis of other parameters, such as client name or folder title. Users can divide each drawer into individual compartments by inserting identification tags as separators between sections.

Hang Files

A vertical filing system allows for the suspension method of file and folder arrangement. Files hanging on their open ends make it easier for users to insert individual sheets and papers into a file without removing it from its position. To accommodate hanging files, vertical filing cabinets feature rails. Folders are customized to the cabinet by attaching their open ends with metal bars with clasps on either bar end; the folders are then suspended from the rails by means of the clasps. A metal plate bearing the folder identification is fitted at the end of the rail.

Open Shelf Arrangement

In a vertical filing system, folders can be arranged in the open shelf order commonly found in libraries. The open shelf order is particularly useful if your office stores large volumes of files and folders. Cabinets for this type of vertical filing are very affordable. You arrange files and folders vertically in racks in the open shelf system. There is enough space in between racks to allow for free movement of hands when locating folders.


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