How to Become a Casino Host

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How to Become a Casino Host. Most casino hosts in the larger casino and resorts have worked very hard to get there and are paid extremely well for their hard work and dedication. The road to becoming a casino host has many steps along the way, but with integrity and dedication you too could become a casino host in a major resort as described here.

Understand the duties of a casino host which include building relationships with the guests and players. The casino host is the one to know to build comps; they work hard to turn sometimes players into loyal customers. They answer directly to the marketing manager and therefore have a lot of input on the types of comps and gifts offered to valued players.

Attend dealer's school in the town you want to work as a casino host. Some of the laws are different for different gambling states and cities, so it is wise to attend dealer's school in the city where you wish to work.

Work hard. You will need to put in time at a table to impress your supervisors and build the communication skills with players that the job of casino host requires. You should take the opportunity to move into a pit boss or floor supervisor position when available. This will allow you to keep honing your skills while continuing to move up in the company and increase your pay scale.

Apply for the casino host position when it is posted. Most jobs, including casino host, are filled from within the company. Your best chance is to work hard and apply when the position is posted.


Keep working and be persistent. It can take years to get into a casino host position. While your chances are best within your own casino, keep an eye out for other casinos that are looking for a casino host.

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