How to Become an Electric Pallet Jack Operator

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How to Become an Electric Pallet Jack Operator. An electric pallet jack operator is able to move loads through the workplace quickly and safely. By learning to use an electric pallet jack, an operator can raise and lower loads a maneuver them into position with less physical strain and fewer injuries. Proper training is essential to ensure the safe operation of electric pallet jacks.

Become an Electric Pallet Jack Operator

Know that all types of electric pallet jacks can be dangerous to the operator and other workers. They should only be used by individuals who have been properly trained by an experienced pallet jack operator. To become an electric pallet jack operator, you must be familiar with all controls and understand the proper use of attachments.

Learn to use banding and wrapping equipment to properly brace and secure loads to pallets so that merchandise can be moved from loading docks into warehouses.

Know that electric pallet jack operators must have excellent hand-eye coordination to properly maneuver electric pallet jacks through narrow aisles. Operators must be able to simultaneously use a series of buttons, thumb wheel and hand levers to guide, brake and control pallet jacks.

Communicate with coworkers and rely on spotters to help guide and stack loads when using electric pallet jacks in crowded areas or in spots where your line of site may be obscured.

Learn to use scanning equipment to keep track of inventory. Operators often select stock to fill orders and scanners can track the speed and accuracy of stock selection and replenishment.

Strength train. Operators must be in good physical condition and able to lift 50-lb. loads without assistance. Physical demands may include standing for long periods of time and the ability to bend and stoop frequently. Selecting stock may also involve climbing and reaching.

Apply for jobs as an experienced pallet jack operator in person, or by posting your resume at job search sites (see Resources below).

Know that many employers require warehouse workers to have a high school degree or GED equivalent. Basic math skills, computer and data entry skills as well as familiarity with warehouse operations can give you a competitive edge if you want to become an electric pallet jack operator.


Know that some employers require that electric pallet jack operators obtain Depot Power Equipment Operator certification.


Never use an electric pallet jack that is not functioning properly, or carry a load that exceeds its weight capacity.


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