How to Become a Beverage Merchandiser

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How to Become a Beverage Merchandiser. A beverage merchandiser is responsible for product merchandising, generally in large volume stores such as supermarkets or warehouse-style retail outlets. The beverage merchandiser stocks and rotates the product, maintains inventory levels, and sets up promotional displays, working closely with store personnel to ensure profitability and high sales volume.

Familiarize yourself with the typical operation of a supermarket or retail store warehouse. This includes how to properly break down a pallet of merchandise, and how to correctly use equipment such as pallet jacks, hand trucks, dollies and u-boats. You will also need to learn how to safely stack merchandise in a warehouse so that it does not collapse or fall over.

Learn proper merchandising techniques so that you will be able to effectively display beverages. This includes rotating the stock so that the older product is sold first, assembling cardboard promotional displays, and stacking merchandise into specific patterns that are visually appealing.

Know how to practice good housekeeping skills when you become a beverage merchandiser by cleaning shelves, rearranging displays and replacing damaged or defective product on a consistent basis.

Understand all safety standards when handling and merchandising beverages. This type of merchandise can be extremely heavy, especially when handled in bulk quantities, and can present a safety hazard to both you and others around you. Know proper lifting techniques to avoid injury, such as lifting with your legs, not your back.

Be professional and courteous around customers and store employees. You may be interacting with customers during the course of the day, and may be expected to handle requests and special orders. Providing good customer service is a must.

Apply for a position as a beverage merchandiser. You can approach the human resource departments of the larger beverage distribution centers directly, or you can use more traditional methods such as the classified ads section of a local newspaper. You can also use an online resource, such as, to locate positions near you (see Resources below).


Since some beverage companies may require you to use your own transportation to get from store to store, you may need to have a clean driving record as a prerequisite to getting the position.


Make sure that you will be able to lift an average of 20 to 50 pounds repeatedly over the course of a full work day. Individuals who suffer from back problems should not become beverage merchandisers.