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How to Use a Meat Slicer

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No matter what the size, all meat slicers work on the same principles. You attach food to a sliding tray and then pass the tray over a rotating razor blade, cutting a thin slice from the bulk of the food. Meat slicers can be dangerous, as you are working with a large rotating blade, but they are not difficult to learn to operate. With the proper precautions and techniques, you can operate a meat slicer safely and effectively.

Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them on a paper towel. Put on a pair of plastic gloves to keep the food sanitary.

Lift up the clamp arm and swing it away from the surface of the slicer. Place the bulk meat onto the carriage and swing the clamp arm back over the surface and down onto the meat. This will hold the chunk of meat in place on the carriage surface.

Turn the adjuster knob to choose the desired thickness of your meat slice. Place a piece of wax paper or deli tissue on the bottom of the slicer to receive your sliced meat.

Turn the switch to the "On" position. Push the handle on the carriage to move the bulk meat over the rotating blade. Cut one sample slice and check for the desired thickness. Adjust the dial if your sample slice is too thick or too thin.

Push the carriage back and forth over the blade with your right hand, using your left hand to help keep the falling slices of meat on the paper.

Turn off the slicer when you have cut enough slices. Wrap the leftover bulk meat with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. Store your sliced meat in a cool place.

Wipe down the entire slicer, including the carriage, bottom level and blade, carefully and thoroughly. Turn the dial to adjust the blade to a "0" thickness to prevent accidental cuts to the next user.


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