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How to Become an ERP Consultant

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How to Become an ERP Consultant. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day management of the supply-demand chain for larger businesses. In the world of big business, larger corporations typically employ a staff of ERP consultants, and you can become one by understanding business needs, ERP computer applications and gaining professional certification.

Graduate from a 4-year college. It is a very good idea to major in engineering or computer science, ideally combined with a business background, to differentiate yourself from the tough field of competition you'll be facing. ERP consultants are constantly using the latest in business software and building a flexible skills database.

Learn what ERP software platforms businesses are using most. Oracle ERP platforms have traditionally enjoyed a large market share.

Educate yourself by completing learning modules to master the use of the software that's being used by ERP professionals providing business solutions. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of several different applications from several different software manufacturers before moving on to formal training.

Connect to educators offering formal training in the use of ERP software. Many online schools even offer free tutorials that can go a long way for self-starters looking to become an ERP consultant.

Complete formal training in as wide a vareity of ERP platforms as you can find. Having a diverse skill set can only help your job prospects in this highly competitive field. It is wiser to learn more than just the most common ERP software products.

Accept that it is often necessary to work for companies for free when starting up to build a portfolio of satisfied clients. Advertise your services to local mid-sized merchants, using your software extension building skills to personalize their enterprise resource planning.

Build a solid base of satisfied clients before you start to look for paid gigs. The education where you completed your formal training can often help link you to prospective employers. You'll need some experience to draw on before approaching job offerers.

Establish a reputation by succeeding in providing ERP solutions to clients once you start landing paid jobs. ERP consulting has the potential to be very lucrative to the individual. However, it requires a great deal of hard work to become one.


ERP consulting is a highly competitive field to gain entry to. You'll need to combine years of practical experience and demonstrated dedication with your college degree.


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