How to Become a Marketing Analyst

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How to Become a Marketing Analyst. A marketing analyst must be detail-oriented, organized, patient and analytical. In this job, you will gather and analyze data, including sales statistics, consumer surveys and focus group opinions about your company's products in order to determine how best to market them to the public. You will also need to work well with others, as this job demands interviewing and collecting information from consumers and presenting findings to the company. Read on to learn more.

Develop the Skills to Become a Market Analyst

Complete the minimum education requirements. A bachelor's degree in marketing, finance, economics or business will likely serve you best if you hope to become a market analyst.

Take additional courses during school and continue your education after graduation with classes in computer science, survey development, research analysis and a foreign language.

Be prepared to spend long hours working on your own devising new marketing strategies or trying to solve current marketing problems.

Focus on and develop your oral and written communication. The ability to communicate clearly and precisely helps analysts in nearly every aspect of this work.

Look for beginning work experience in finance or marketing roles. Many employers require at least 2 years of experience before you can become a market analyst.

Look for work outside of traditional areas for more job opportunities. For example, the health care industry, insurance companies, advertising firms and the military all have opportunities for market analysts.


Take additional courses in math, statistics, computer science and survey design to round out your degree. Consider continuing your education beyond your B.A. or B.S. and get a master's degree in marketing, economics or finance to make yourself a more competitive contender. Master a second language to increase your research pool and make yourself a more valuable addition to your company. If you work for an engineering company or a hospital, you may consider taking courses in these areas to learn more about your business.


The competition to become a marketing analyst is very stiff, so you may find that while a bachelor's degree may not be enough education. In addition, a master's degree with no work experience may not be beneficial either. Balance your schooling and work experience for a better chance at employment.

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