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The Job Description of a Food Marketer

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Every company selling food needs marketers who possess the ability to make their food seem appealing. Food marketers research consumer desires and influence companies to make products and advertisements to suit those desires.


Food marketers ideally have training at all levels of food marketing. Practical experience may range from farm work to the retail food inventory, but it should be accompanied by knowledge acquired through undergraduate and graduate marketing studies at a university.


Food marketers thoroughly research consumer desires and consumption patterns. After studying the consumer, food marketers work with the manufacturer to determine necessary development of new foods or modifications to existing food products, along with adequate price and promotion details. Growing seasons and potential difficulties in manufacturing must also be considered in the process.


In 2010, a drop in average salary occurred, signifying that the food marketing industry has taken a slight hit. In spite of the salary decrease, food manufacturers are still in need of skilled marketers to effectively determine consumer trends.


As of 2010, the average salary for food marketers is approximately $55,000.


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