How to Find Interior Design Jobs

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How to Find Interior Design Jobs. Finding jobs in a creative field such as interior design may seem a daunting task, especially if you have just started out designing. You can explore your employment opportunities while putting your creative impulses to work for you.

Find Jobs as an Interior Designer

Create a buzz about your interior design skills by networking with other industry professionals. These may include real estate agents and brokers and new home development marketing professionals as well as other interior designers and architects.

Offer a bonus to your current clients for referring you to their friends. Depending on your pay structure, you could offer a percentage off your fee or provide them with a free consultation for another project.

Find work where interior design skills are most needed, such as a home design showcase or warehouse. By joining their full- or part-time staff, you can have access to the latest products in interior design as well as meet individual customers who are in the market for interior design skills. Many furniture stores offer interior design services as part of their brand, making these stores a great place for beginning designers to start out and build a dedicated clientèle.

Use your school connections to maximize your job possibilities. Beyond networking at alumni events, you can post announcements in your alumni newsletter or purchase your alumni mailing list to send out promotional material for prospective clients.

Visit local design showrooms and find out whether they have a referral notebook. Many companies will keep a notebook of business cards of interior designers, painters and other design service providers, which they then offer to their customers who seek additional design assistance.

Look for designing jobs in the corporate world. Whether its designing the look of a new corporate office or becoming part of the marketing team responsible for the look a retail chain, the corporate world has many different opportunities for interior designers.

Join a professional organization such as ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers (see Resources below). You will have more opportunity to meet fellow designers as well as access to job postings in the journals of these professional organizations.


A great way to build contacts is to attend design seminars and lectures at your local art museum or home showcase. You can network at these events while also picking up valuable design ideas in the process.


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