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How to Become a Clinical Trial Manager

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How to Become a Clinical Trial Manager. A clinical trial manager has an important role in the development of new medicines. Aside from the fact that the clinical trial manager ensures the safety of the human subjects involved in a clinical trial, the outcome of the trial itself must be validated and weighed against industry standards. Find out if you have what it takes to become a clinical trial manager.

Prepare to become a clinical trial manager by obtaining your undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor's degree, in Chemistry, Biology or another Life Science.

Get your post-baccalaureate certificate to become a clinical trial manager administered by the the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals. You can read the current guidelines for certification from the the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals website (see Resources below).

Plan to enroll in at least 6 required courses and 1 elective to earn your certification to become a clinical trial manager. Required courses usually include advanced training in clinical research writing, site management, statistical analysis, drug development procedures and a review of Good Clinical Practices as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Be aware that if you possess the education and certification you need to become a clinical trial manager, but lack any experience in a clinical trial setting, then you can partake in an observation study course. This is similar to an internship in which you can observe a clinical trial in progress under supervision.

Combine your training courses with some computer science courses. In particular, you will need to become familiar with Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), such as Oracle Clinical, in order to become a clinical trial manager.

Upload your resume and browse open positions for a clinical trial manager at the website of the the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals (see Resources below). You can also save jobs you've applied to, or use the Job Alert feature to have information about potential jobs emailed to you based on the search criteria you select.


Be aware that clinical trial managers are often required to put in long hours alone. Typical duties can be quite tedious and may involve re-creating intricate systems other trial mangers failed to make note of in previous studies.


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