How to Make Money Having Fun

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How to Make Money Having Fun. Most people look at a job as a way to get paid and nothing more. However, having fun while making money is completely within everyone's reach. Stop settling for less and discover how you can actually enjoy your job!

Decide what hobbies or interests you have that could develop into a job. Personal passions are good places to start. Also, take into consideration where the job you want is located. Another important question with telecommuting is if you even want to leave your home at all. Having fun while making money is eliminating all the stresses that aren't needed.

Take a personality and skill test at a career center or online. It matches up personality along with skills to give an idea of what fields would be ideal for you.

Look into jobs in any of the fields that personal interests or the career tests show are compatible. After sorting through the lists, choose the ideal job, the one that you can truly make money at and have fun while doing it.

Talk to someone who has your dream job. Ask how they got where they are and what they would recommend doing. You have the benefit of learning from their mistakes and experience.

Follow their advice. Also, follow up with them to show them how serious you are about getting into this field.

Network with people employed in the desired field. Connections can help you land that job in the future!


Remember that several people may want the same job, so be patient. It may take a long time, but having fun making money is not impossible. Remember, attitude is everything. Try different ways to make your current job fun if you are not ready to leave it.