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How to Become a Travel Agent in Michigan

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The travel industry is always looking for fresh talent interested in planning dream vacations for customers. In Michigan, a multitude of universities, technical colleges and online schools offer hospitality and tourism programs that lead to travel agent certification. Upon graduation, a variety of travel agencies across the state are potential sources of entry-level jobs.

Enroll in one of Michigan's travel agent certification programs. The Conlin-Hallissey Travel School in Ann Arbor, for instance, specializes in travel programs. Online schools such as Central Pennsylvania College also offer certification.

Complete the required courses (such as business marketing, airline computer processing and geography) to receive your certification. Print off the certification or send in your paperwork to receive a hard copy.

Apply for a job at an agency, such as Conlin Travel in Ann Arbor. With certification, you are eligible for a travel consultant position. But keep in mind: With little experience, you may have to work your way to that position.

Join the Michigan chapter of the American Society of Travel Agents. This organization has networking events and seminars on the travel industry across the country. Use this as a tool for special organization-only discounts and to meet people in the industry.

Continue your education and return to college. Complete a four-year program such as those offered by the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. This gives you an advantage over others in your industry and may get you higher pay.


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