How to Write a Resume for a Warehouse Job

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How to Write a Resume for a Warehouse Job. The resumes you send to each different job you are seeking should not be identical. Make your resume effective by tailoring it. For a warehouse job, focus your resume on the skills, experience and training that qualify you for that warehouse position such as shipping and receiving experience.

Research warehouse job advertisements online using Web sites such as Monster or in your local newspaper in the classified section. List the qualifications required by the employers such as forklift certification, OSHA knowledge, CDL and shipping and receiving experience. Match your own skills, experience and training to them. Focus your resume on these key qualifications.

Pick a resume format that suits your background best by reviewing several sample resumes. Resume examples can be found online at Quint careers.

Put your contact information at the top of your resume. Include name, address, home phone number, cell phone number and email address.

Type an objective with the title of the warehouse job you are seeking such as a Material Handler.

List your work history in chronological order, starting with your most recent job first. Include the company name, city and state where it is located, dates of employment and job title. Describe the job duties you performed that relate most closely to warehouse jobs. Use industry jargon such as material handling, inventory control and stocking.

Quantify your experience by adding numbers, percentages and time frames. Add accomplishments related to warehouse work such as any production goals your company met while you worked there. Let them know how many records you maintained, how much material you packed or shipped.

Insert an education section with high school diploma or GED information and any special training or certifications. Put the name of the school, city and state where it is located and credential earned. Certifications such as forklift operating are especially useful.


Add more resume sections only if they support your objective of obtaining a warehouse job. Limit your resume to one page. Cover around ten years of work history in your employment section.

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