How to Find buyers and sellers if you are a REALTOR

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When starting a career in real estate it can be a challenge to get your business up and running. Hopefully these suggestions will serve as a guide for newbie realtors to go out and find the buyers and sellers they need to start earning a living!

Hold an open house. If you don't have your own listing then ask around your office and do it in a fellow realtors listing. The majority of people who are stopping by are either in the market to buy or sell. Make sure you get the names and numbers of these people to follow up with them!

Start a website. Once you have your own website start promoting it like crazy! this is a good way to pick up some buyers and sellers.

Contact new home builders. Start a relationship with a new home sales agent. They often speak to hundreds of people a week. Once you have established some sort of an agreement they can be a great source for referrals!

Pass out your card everywhere you go! Treat your card as a mobile billboard. Most agents hold on to their own cards and seldom give them out. Make it a goal to hand out 10 business cards each day!

Begin a relationship with someone in the mortgage business. They work with hundreds of people trying to get a loan. Start some kind of an agreement so that every person they deal with they will send them to you, and visa versa. When you have a buyer make sure you use your mortgage buddy to do the loan


It may be ruff at first but never give up. Once you start getting those clients it will snowball from there. Always ask for the sale! 90% of the time people do not earn the clients business simply because they do not ask! Stay focused. You are self employed so there is no one to blame but yourself! Visit for More help and ideas!