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What to Wear to a Job Interview

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After your resume has been submitted and the over-the-phone formalities have been nailed, it's time for the the real work to begin: rocking the in-person interview. But what should you wear? Depending on your dream job, your wardrobe choices can range from tailored and traditional to casual and comfy โ€” and as you know, first impressions count. But don't let sartorial details complicate your game plan. Go ahead and focus on the nitty gritty Q&As, because we laid out the exact outfit you need to be a memorable candidate.

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For the Up-and-Coming Attorney

Start with a fitted woman's blazer and build your look from there. Everyone needs a go-to jacket for their 9-to-5, so it's always a good wardrobe staple to have hanging in your closet. Plus, it gives you a polished first impression, which is a definite must. And no, you can never be overdressed when it comes to interviews.

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For the Ladder Climber

From pants to a matching top, you'll want to have an overall sleek, tailored look to exude a put-together presence. The sort of thing that reads, "Yes, you can trust me with that account because look how smart I am with my fashion choices." Keep the palette unified by sticking to the same shades, and opt for silhouettes that err on the conservative side. You'll already look like you belong!

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For the Creative Spirit

Whether you're a graphic designer or a freelance illustrator, the world is your oyster when it comes to your look. However, for the interview, try and keep the attention on your work with a minimal outfit paired with either eye-catching accessories (think: a bold necklace, large vintage earrings or cheetah flats) or an interesting nail design.

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For the Teacher

Know your audience: if you're a applying for a position at an art school, you could be a little more adventurous with your outfit choices. However, for most teaching positions, stick to your regular business casual look: simple pumps, black slacks and a nice button up shirt or blouse. And when it comes to applying makeup, keep it simple โ€” only your handshake should come off strong! However, if you're dying to add a pop of color, go for a red lip.

For the Magazine Editor

This position is always on trend, so you definitely need an outfit to match. Flashing a label or two is never a bad thing, but stick to flashing it where it counts: on your feet and in your hand. Your interviewers may not be able to tell who designed your jumpsuit or jacket, but they will definitely be checking out the label on the bag your resume pops out of.

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For the Silicon Valley Lady

With such long hours and a fast-paced work environment, you'll want an outfit that reads professional and comfortable. After all, Mark Zuckerberg has his t-shirt and Steve Jobs had his sneakers. The secret to pulling off casual attire at the office? Layers. Pair tailored elements with loosely fitting pieces, like skinny jeans with a baggy sweater.

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For the Project Manager

The project manager's BFF is organization. Showcase your tidiness via a clean-looking outfit, a multi-pocketed bag and a bold watch. You know, to subtly remind your interviewers that you're all about that timeliness.

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For the Medical Health Professional

Sure, you'll be in your scrubs most days, but that doesn't mean your interview outfit should fall to the wayside. Keep it super simple with a understated outfit. Then, have some fun with a sleek hair style or hair accessories.

For the Social Media Maven

This is another very trend-driven position, so you'll need a complete look to match. However, you'll also need all the smart accessories and digital equipment to keep you hooked up and tapped in at all times.

P.S. Always Send Thank You Notes

Though not technically a wardrobe style choice, thank you notes are always in good taste. Make sure to send personalized, hand-written cards to every person you interviewed with (or spoke at length to). Then, just wait for that offer to come in!

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