The Fastest Way to Get Your SF-50

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The Standard Form 50 (Notification of Personnel Action) is the record of position assignments, promotions, raises and transfers for civilian federal employees. You may need a copy of your SF-50 if you are a former federal employee seeking to return to federal employment. The SF-50 form can also serve as employment verification for other job applications or for retirement claims. The fastest way to get your SF-50 depends on whether you are a current or former federal employee.

Contact the human resources department where you work if you are a current federal employee and request a copy of your SF-50 form. Alternatively, some federal agencies allow employees access to their personnel records electronically. For example, General Services Administration employees may download and print their SF-50 without having to go through the human resources department.

Write a letter requesting a copy of your SF-50 if you are a former federal employee. If you have been separated for less than 120 days, send the letter to the human resources department where you worked. Include your date of birth, Social Security number, and the starting and ending dates of your employment. State the reason you are requesting a copy of your S-50. Be sure to sign the letter and specifically request Form SF-50.

Send your request letter directly to the Federal Records Center of the National Archives and Records Administration if you are a former federal employee and left federal employment more than 120 days ago. The Federal Records Center is in St. Louis, Missouri. The street address is 111 Winnebago Street and the ZIP code is 63118.


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