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How to Ask for a Day Off From Work Through Email

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Asking for a day off of work can be tricky depending on company policy and whether or not you get along with your boss. Most companies and bosses have a policy regarding how far in advance time off requests must be sent and approved. This is to ensure that your work is not disrupted during your absence. Life, however, is unexpected, and sometimes events and circumstances come up in which you cannot control. To ensure you get your day off from work, implement the following steps when submitting a request via email.

Determine company or department policy regarding the proper procedure for time off. Many companies require time off requests be sent and approved at least two weeks to a month in advance. Being aware of your company’s policies increases your chances of getting the day off.

Offer to be available via phone or e-mail if you are requesting the day off at the last minute. Your time off is your time off. However, if you are requesting a day off without giving your boss proper notice, letting him or her know that you will be available for any questions or emergencies shows as sense of responsibility.

Ask for the day off in the form of a question rather than asserting that you are taking the day off. Your boss has the final say in whether you can have the day off, so be polite as possible.


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