How to Be a Clothing Line Representative

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Clothing lines must convince stores to sell their clothing. To do so, they often hire clothing line representatives, which are sales representatives who understand the fashion industry and have the skills needed to convince stores to sell clothing that may be trendier, cheaper or more eco-friendly. As a whole, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for sales representatives to grow by seven percent between 2018 and 2028, and the skills learned from selling clothes can usually be transferred into the selling of other things.

Step 1

Stay up-to-date on the latest fashions by attending fashion shows, conferences and other related programs. Doing so will help you make arguments regarding why the business should sell the clothing line you’re promoting and you’ll also know which products you should consider representing.

Step 2

Find a business to represent. Some clothing line representatives only sell clothing from one clothing line, while other representatives handle a variety of clothing lines. Anyone can become a clothing line representative as long as they find someone who owns a clothing line and hires them.

Step 3

Find out where your best leads will be located. The most effective way to sell a product is to find customers where they are looking for someone like you. Study your potential prospects and determine which prospects are the most likely to sell your clothing line.

Step 4

Locate businesses that need clothing, such as clothing retailers and general stores. You will earn a commission on each store that you successfully sell.

Step 5

Contact businesses in person or over the phone. Email is less likely to get through to potential clients, due to spam filters.

Step 6

Find a way to get the retailer to see the clothing. Send photos and conduct product demonstrations by having models wear the clothing.

Step 7

Answer any questions the clients may have. Clients might want to know the price points, availability, fabric quality or eco-friendliness of the clothing.

Step 8

Follow-up on clients after contacting them, to remind them of your company until you finally make a sale.

If you do not want to travel a lot, you can become an inside sales representative. Then, you will spend most of your time calling potential customers to find leads. If you don’t mind traveling, you can become an outside sales representative, where you’ll spend most of your time meeting with businesses.

You will need communication skills and knowledge of effective selling techniques to convince businesses to buy from you. Marketing courses and seminars can provide you with skills needed to make a sale. Some companies will pay you to receive training.

Some clothing lines want representatives that are very professional, since the representative serves as the client’s first impression of the clothing line.