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How to Make Better Tips As a Hotel Housekeeper

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Getting a tip as a hotel housekeeper is a true reward; many hotel guests don't even think about tipping them. Some of the lowest paid employees in a hotel, hotel housekeepers do anything from cleaning toilets and showers to making beds and folding laundry. Making tips as a hotel housekeeper isn't easy, so it is ultra important to understand some of the techniques you can use to boost your chances of getting better tips.

Make yourself visible. When approaching guests in the hallways and in their rooms, be congenial by greeting them and asking how your service has been. Also, ask them if there is anything you can do to make their stay better. If they don't know you're there, they probably won't tip you. If you imprint upon them a feeling of concern and congeniality, they might remember that and give you a better tip.

Look professional. This entails keeping a neat appearance by maintaining proper personal hygiene and a cleaned and ironed uniform. Get a haircut regularly and keep your fingernails well manicured. Iron your uniform before every shift to maintain a crisp appearance. Looking professional will entice guests to act more professional by giving you a better tip.

Clean your guests' bathrooms every day. Even if your employer or boss only requires you to clean the bathrooms once each guest checks out, cleaning a guest's bathroom every day of her stay will convey to the guest that you care about her comfort. It also shows the guest that she is not simply another guest in your eyes. A bathrooms is a personal yet often dirty room to clean, so cleaning it every day has a good chance of compelling the guest to give you a better tip.

Get to know the regular guests at the hotel. Most hotels will have guests who frequently stay there, especially because of business but also because of family and other reasons. Guests love it when people call them by their name or remember that they don't like a mint on their pillow but prefer it on the dresser, for example. By getting to know their names as well as their idiosyncrasies you will greatly boost your chances of getting a better tip.

Leave a note on the guest's first night that asks about any special requests he has. There are many people who prefer that you do not do niceties, such as making the bed and picking up clothing from the floor. By leaving a note that asks him to tell you what he wants, you show that you are genuinely interested in his satisfaction and that you recognize he may not want certain services.


Never forget to lock the doors of the rooms you clean; a guest probably won't tip you if you put his belongings in a position where they can be stolen.

  • Never forget to lock the doors of the rooms you clean; a guest probably won't tip you if you put his belongings in a position where they can be stolen.