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How to List Clinical Experience in a Resume

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Clinical duties are usually assigned to students in the medical or psychological fields. These field studies allow students to observe professionals already in the job. Different clinical jobs find students assigned to different jobs; a clinical student may be doing paperwork one day while shadowing a professional the next day. Clinical duty is an experience builder, and future employers will be interested in seeing any clinicals listed on a resume. It is important for students who have taken a clinical to know how to list it on their resume.

Place the clinical work directly after the education section of the resume. The placement of the education section of the resume is dependent on personal work experience; however, clinical work always falls after the education section.

List the year or years of the clinical work. If the work was completed within one calendar year, include the start month, day and year as well as the end start, day and year.

Complete a list of all the duties performed at the clinical experience, followed by the name of the place where the experience happened. List the department as well, such as the Intensive Care Unit or the Neonatal Unit of a hospital.

Begin a new line and list any accomplishments achieved while at the clinical. If there were any awards received for exemplary clinical duties, list them here. It is perfectly acceptable to highlight awards and accomplishments; the resume is where a person sells their best qualities to an employer.


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