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Preparing a Curriculum Vitae for Teaching Nursing

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Applying for nurse educator positions requires a different resume format than you used as a new graduate or when launching your career as a staff nurse at hospitals or other health care facilities. For academia you’ll use a curriculum vitae, which literally means Course of Life, and offers greater detail than a typical resume. It also emphasizes your academic qualifications and your teaching and research experience.


Unlike the traditional resume used for non-academic positions, with a CV you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two pages. Even a young professor might need between two and four pages, with a senior faculty member possibly requiring at least 10 pages to thoroughly describe her teaching experience and research specialties. Lead your CV with your name, followed by your degrees, licenses and certifications. For example, you would write “Nancy Smith, RN, BSN, MSN."

Highlight Academic Credentials

A curriculum vitae focuses heavily on educational honors and pursuits. Near the top of your CV, list your degrees, including major and minor fields of study. Also note the name and location of the school. In addition, include the title of your dissertation or thesis, followed by the name of your adviser and the committee members who evaluated your project. Describe academic honors such as scholarships, fellowships, membership in honor societies and university awards. Also discuss post-doctoral training, fellowships or other education.


When describing your previous teaching appointments, offer specifics regarding the types of courses, the students you taught and your roles. For example, note that you taught a graduate-level, three-credit-hour course in neonatal intensive care nursing in addition to an undergraduate-level, four-credit-hour seminar in pediatric health. Discuss the structure of the course, like whether it included both classroom lectures and clinical instruction. Also point out if you developed the course curriculum, advised students, served on committees or took on other duties at the university. In addition to your teaching experience, list staff positions or other nursing roles.

Research and Publications

Include an exhaustive list of research you’ve conducted, journal articles you’ve authored and presentations you’ve made at industry conference, noting your most recent accomplishments first. For articles, include the name of the journal, the title of the article and the date of publication. If you co-authored it with others, list their names but bold yours so it stands out. For presentations, mention the name of your presentation, the date and the organization that sponsored the event. When discussing research projects, note the name of the project, where you conducted it, others you worked with and grants or other funding you received.

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