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How to Make a WWE Contract

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Getting noticed in professional wrestling takes a lot of dedication, skill and determination, but once you are in, you are required to follow certain rules and protocol. According to the internationally recognized World Wrestling Entertainment, approximately 150 men and women are currently under contract with the company. The contract dictates that the WWE owns the rights to the characters, and the global organization is always looking to recruit and develop future talent. The details of a wrestler's contract vary by individual.

Determine the language to use in the contract. Distinguish between the two contractual entities. Use "company" in reference to the WWE and "talent" when talking about the individual wrestler and subject of the contract. Specify that the company is in charge of booking appearances and events for the talent.

Clarify ownership of copyrightable work. Explain the term "development" as any copyrightable work agreed upon by the company and the talent. The development could be designed or created by the talent individually or in collaboration with the WWE. The company essentially owns the character, and any footage of the talent could be used for promotional purposes.

List agreements between the WWE and the talent. The rights not owned by the WWE are licensed through agreements with the individual wrestler. These rights could include merchandising and are usually determined by the talent and value of the wrestler. Discuss these points among both parties and find a middle ground that keeps both the company and the talent in agreement.

Sign the contract. A signed contract makes the deal legally binding and proves that both parties came to a mutual business agreement. Have the talent initial on other specifics in the contract that you want to make sure is clearly understood.


Entering into a contract requires that the taken understand that he is acting in good faith with the company. In the WWE, professional wrestlers are required to adhere to rules laid out in the Talent Wellness Program. This program performs drug tests and other examinations to ensure that the wrestlers are in compliance with the no-steroid and other substance restrictions. The WWE has a three-strike system, where the first offense nets a 30 day suspension without pay. Second strike calls for 60 day suspension, and the third and final penalty for a positive drug test is the termination of the contract.