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How Can I Become a Clothing Tester?

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Get free clothing, give consumer feedback and possibly get paid. Those are the perks of being a clothing tester for well-known brands. Applying for a clothing tester position is similar to applying for a retail job. Applications are open to the public; people who usually apply match the profile of the brand's typical consumers. Chosen testers get the latest clothing samples, sometimes before they even hit the store shelves.

Make a list of brands you know and wear.

Navigate the brand website to see if product testing opportunities are advertised there. Use the brand's website that is specific to your own location. For example, the main website will have a menu for "Regional Home Pages" that features all of their main countries of operation.

Find information for the application process on the website.

Read through the clothing tester information thoroughly for requirements, the testing process, the grading process (where you assign grades for criteria such as comfort, fit and style), and FAQs.

Apply for the position, but note that not all applicants are accepted. Acceptance depends on the specific needs of the brand who decide on their testers based on factors, including clothing size, age, lifestyle and sex.


Avoid any company that asks you for money upfront, either to test the product or to be included on the testing team.

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