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Head Start Manager Salary

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The federally funded Head Start program opened in 1965 as summer education instruction for low-income students. It expanded with a series of laws to include both mentally and physically challenged students and to include classes operating throughout the year. The classes and instruction help young children develop skills and abilities necessary to do well in school. Managers for head start work with children from birth through middle school in programs at schools, childcare locations, neighborhood centers and housing projects.

Center Manager

The Head Start center manager networks with other center managers in a multi-unit system. This position ensures the day-to-day operations of the center operate smoothly. Managers supervise collection of records, track student enrollments, assist in program registration and, in the cases of multi-center programs, the center manager assists the main director in maintenance of the facility and obtaining local licenses and certifications for the local center. The federal Head Start administration makes recommendations to local offices for budgeting human resource funds and suggested center managers receive between $48,300 and $65,300, or $23,22 to $31.39 an hour, in 2008. The actual payment to managers varies with the geographic location and the number of students served by the local program.

Human Resource Manager

The human resources manager coordinates all personnel concerns for the center, including record keeping, performance assessment, benefits and compensation payments, as well as the development and maintenance of the employee records. The resource manager also promotes job openings at the center and makes the final hiring decisions for new staff. Alternative titles for this position include human capital manager and personnel manager or director. The federal recommended annual salary for this office ranged between $48,300 and $65,300 in 2008, although actual pay varies with the region and the individual centers.

Education Manager

The education manager, also working under the alternative titles of children's services manager, education coordinator or director, or supervisor of curriculum, supervises the curriculum and lessons, coordinates program development, heads instructional planning and trains staff members involved directly in student education. The manager also evaluates classroom-teaching staff at one or more centers. The suggested annual salaries from the national Head Start administration for education managers in 2008 ranged between $48,300 and $65,300, depending on the experience of the manager and the geographic location of the center.

Health and Nutrition Manager

The health and nutrition manager supervises the overall health services at an individual Head Start center or a collection of centers in a multi-center partnership. Nutrition services include planning, reporting, monitoring and maintaining student health records. In small centers, the manager handles the duties of both the nurse and dietician, but in larger center networks, the manager supervises the actions of these employees. Alternative titles for this position include health services manager, supervisor of nursing or health coordinator. The recommended annual salary for the health and nutrition manager salary ranged between $48,300 and $65,300 in 2008, with regional variations in salaries. Managers qualified as both nurse and dietician roles earned the highest pay.


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